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What is needed:

Photographs of the subject

History and background data

A special place on the wall to hang your new treasure. 

We will several discussions and sketches  reviewed by the client prior to starting on the painting. 


Because commission paintings are a special subject to the client the price is $4.25 per square inch plus frame.  There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required prior to starting the painting. The balance is due when the painting is completed.


Various Influences: Oils

IThe first photo about is the “Southern Hotel” in Llano, Texas in the 1880’s. It is now the offices of Buttery Hardware in Llano. A daughter of Mr. Buttery that started this business in the early part of the 1900’s brought the photo and ask for a commission piece that would be of the building as it was when it was a stagecoach stop between Austin and the west. The small boy in front of the hotel is her Grandfather as a boy.

The second example was commissioned by a client in Grapevine, Texas. This original photo example is of him and a friend  riding their motorcycles on a trip in the Hill Country of Texas. Their location was the Willow City Loop between Llano and Fredricksburg, Texas. 

In both cases you will see that the paintings were not copies of the photo references. Changes were made to make the paintings more interesting and visually appealing.

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